• Why?

    No lack of reason, but in order to simplify, we decided to enlist only seven of them here. Take a look!

  • Education by

    Education by

    To prepare the young to deal with everyday situations, to be able to solve real problems, using the active learning methodologies as a foundation to connect content to their interests and working, in all disciplines, transversal competences.

    The student is the protagonist of learning and their progress is also assessed according to the mastery of these competences - essential behaviours and attitudes that will help to develop them for the future.

    • Learning and Innovation Competences:
    • Metacognition
    • Critical and investigative decision making thinking
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Holistic and systemic vision
    • Unprecedented problem solving
    • Cooperation and teamwork
    • Communication
    • Proficiency in information technology
    • Life and Career Skills:
    • Entrepreneur DNA
    • Leadership
    • Focus on results
    • Adaptability and resilience
    • Autonomy and proactivity
    • Physical and mental well-being
    • Sustainability and responsibility
    • Empathy
  • Personalized Education:

    Personalized Education: Mentoring

    To promote the student's development in an individualized way, guiding the planning of their study routine, defining together a schedule of activities and their learning goals, respecting the difficulties and talents of each one.

    At the Student Support Center (NAD), students have a personalized mentoring system, focused on academic performance, which helps them in their specific choices and needs, gathering data to evaluate their Learning and Innovation skills and Life and Career skills.

  • Focus on

    Focus on results

    Forming competent citizens, through the continuous assistance, so that the learning goals can be accomplished and be aligned with the expectations of the students and their families.

  • Entry to Higher
    Education of Excellence

    Entry to Higher Education of Excellence

    Prepare our students to enter leading universities in Brazil and around the world, so that they can be professionals and leaders of outstanding performance in their areas. Through professional orientation programs, we help each student to find the most appropriate career and institution to meet their life goals.

  • International

    International Connections

    Preparing the students and opening ways to international connections, through the development of linguistic and multicultural abilities.

  • Exponential Projects: commitment
    with the community and the world

    Exponential Projects: commitment
    with the community and the world

    Stimulate non-linear and innovative thinking, encouraging students to participate in projects that can influence the world, based on cooperation, sustainability and citizenship.

  • Cultural

    Cultural Development

    Bringing the student closer to multiple cultures and diverse expressions of the arts from the first year of life. Theater, choir, music, plastic arts, literature and cultural trips are some of the activities offered for the integral development of our students.

  • Life Skills

    Life Skills

    Develop the student not only academically but also their socio-emotional skills. In the Life Intelligence discipline, students are exposed to their emotions and feelings, in classes and activities dedicated to the construction of self-knowledge, the exercise of empathy and citizen awareness.

  • Sports


    Offer different types of sport practices aiming to socially integrate the students, stimulate leadership, the search for team goals, cooperation and resilience, providing leisure moments and group interaction.

Operating Directives


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  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Active methodologies: focus on the student experience
  • Educational project based on academic rigor
  • Continuous evaluation of educational results
  • Metacognition and thought routines: the student reflects upon how to learn
  • Art: gateway to thought
  • The school space suitable for different practices
  • Theoretical benchmark of world best practice
Impacting the world by educating/developing people


At Dom Bosco we seek efficient and stimulating ways of teaching and learning.

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    Early Childhood

    A child's approach to the physical and social world, taking art as the gateway to thought and promoting experiences that develop their full potential, contemplating the multiple intelligences.

    Early Childhood<br>Education
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    Literacy and Opera

    Our work in literacy is based on the "Opera for All" Project, developed by Dom Bosco and awarded the National "Darcy Ribeiro" Education Prize.

    For one year our children carried out various activities related to a specific opera, culminating in the presentation of a great show in a public square and the production of a book written and illustrated by them on opera, with texts of authorship.

    Literacy and Opera
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    Primary School
    Initial Years

    Literacy for authorship writing is the basic principle. Exercising the investigative spirit, learning to work in partnership and to defend ideas and opinions are the objectives of this segment.

    Primary School Anos Iniciais
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    Primary School
    Final Years

    Developing study habits to deepen concepts and be able to propose solutions to problems in the various areas of knowledge, exercising creativity and logical thinking, are strategies that are consolidated in this phase, which focuses on academic results.

    Primary School Final Years
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    High School

    In this segment, academic rigor for the construction of solid knowledge and the ability to organize and systematize learning are combined with emotional development that prepares to face the evaluation situations and challenges of the adult world.

    Ensino Médio

Curriculim Highlights


  • Singapore Math

    Singapore has become a "mathematics teaching laboratory", incorporating international research in the field into a highly effective teaching approach...

  • Critical Reading and Writing

    Critical reading instils an in-depth understanding of information, leading the student to understand beyond the literal message, going beyond the superficial level of information...

  • Defend your ideas and cases

    The case study methodology, used at Harvard University, exercises with the students the scientific thought, through the...

  • Literacy and Opera

    Our work in literacy is based on the Project "Opera for All" developed by Dom Bosco...

  • Entrepreneur DNA and Business

    Stimulate entrepreneurial attitudes and mentality in our students, so they can "think outside the box"...

  • Lab Maker: technology and innovation

    Young people nowadays must be prepared for a world in constant evolution, where innovation and technology permeate everyday life...

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Facilitations and Conveniences

  • Didactic material

    Every year, our pedagogical team evaluates the main educational solutions available in the market and selects the best materials to use. At Kindergarten, we produce our own material, created from the most modern concepts of teaching-learning in the world, with an approach never before seen in Brazil.

  • Portal and Platforms

    Technology platforms extend the techniques of teaching and learning, being one more tool to access content and develop skills.

    Students can access their academic and financial information, as well as re-register online through the Academic Portal. Online diary and student exit control application facilitate the daily life of families.

  • Angel and Multichannel Service

    Direct service channels for families with the school to solve their daily demands. Each segment has its "Angel" to facilitate the routine of parents and students.

  • Agreements

    Dom Bosco has partnerships with important institutions, public bodies, unions and companies, making available discounts on monthly fees to the members.

  • Location

    It is located on Colares Moreira Avenue, in Renascença neighborhood, with fast access to several residential neighborhoods. In the surroundings, there are residential buildings, banks, shopping centers, hospitals, schools and other services.

“We believe that the content is the starting point when school teaches curiosity. To us, it is important that the learning has meaning and we cherish the student’s interest to what they are learning and living at school.”
Isabella Rodrigues,
General Educational Principal at Dom Bosco Group
“We cherish people’s growth who are able to solve unique problems and to work collaboratively, developing the critical thinking, using arts and technology as tools.”
Raíssa Murad,
Principal at Dom Bosco School

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